Our production

Hanoi, Vietnam
Our blouses are created at the production house of ShirtbyHand in Hanoi, Vietnam. The ShirtbyHand production house employs 60 members of staff, all working under fair conditions. They ensure a secure and pleasant working environment, a maximum of 45 working hours per week, a spacious environment with modern equipment, and salaries that are 20 percent above the regional average for the industry.
They produce unique shirts for ShirtbyHand and the blouses for Arber Studio. Therefore, it is possible to work with very small numbers, so we can keep our stock small and have very low waste.



Our knitwear is produced in a textile factory located in Braga, Portugal. They are registered in the BSCI, which means that they work with sustainable and fair wear productions. Their merino wool has a mulesing free certificate.
Ever since 1880, they have been manufacturing the most beautiful knitwear products. Their 1000+ employees are specialized in the production of knit garments, using a Fully Fashion technique, all in very fine gauges.
All products are produced in their own facilities. The factory is also equipped with its own fully robotized dyeing laboratory, fully integrated in the production cycle. The product joins together the Fully Fashion technique and Hand Linking with high quality yarns that allow us to achieve the quality demands.
The factory pays utmost attention when selecting the yarn, and they have been working with the best Italian yarn manufacturers.

The Poplar T-shirts are produced in Turkey, in a small factory with 57 employees, established in 1957. The production process is in-house and is specialised in Sampling, Cutting, Sewing, Quality control and Finishing. Major qualities include jersey, heavy jersey with or without lycra.

Fous A Fous
For the Cedar blouse, Poplar T-shirt and knitted jumpers, we work together with our Development & Production partner, Fous a Fous Fashion Productions.
Fous A Fous is an apparel development agency based in Amsterdam, specialised in sourcing & delivering sustainable fabrics and creating proto-samples in the required fit and workmanship. They produce with partner manufacturers in Europe.