Arber is a contemporary brand by open-minded and creative professionals.
We believe that it is our responsibility to create, design and distribute with
respect for the world we live in. We offer perfect, premium basics beyond
trends or seasons. To us, sustainability is an integral part of creating beautiful,
lasting products, as beauty cannot exist in producing things that damage our

Each step we take sustains the belief that the future of fashion is a process in
which we challenge ourselves to explore new technologies and ways to reduce
our environmental/social footprint. Our every- day essentials have soul; they are
made with love, consciousness and care. And we constantly keep challenging
ourselves to make better, innovative, more sustainable products.

Together, we form a brand that brings timeless character to conscious fashion.
We are proud of our quest, skills and collection. We believe that today’s fashion
industry should resist mass consumption and overproduction; instead we stand
for buying less and buying better. Arber is – and speaks as – a sincere and
straightforward brand that connects with its users and the environment.